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Help Wanted

Kerbaltek needs help with HyperEdit. If you have a working knowledge of C# and would like to contribute, please Contact us.

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All donations are used for site-related expenses. We currently have $9.41 of our $150 goal.

The Craft Kitchen

A great way to display, share, download and even recover, repair and modify your favorite .craft files.

Now including the Craft Extractor, which copies your ships from a save file into .craft files. You can find it at the bottom of this page.

November 14, 2016 - Updated Game Data for KSP 1.2.1.

Public Craft Gallery

Ships & Subassemblies

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Upload your craft files to show off and share your tech with the world.
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You may link directly to these items, but please also include a link to this page when possible - thanks.

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The Kerbaltek Collection

Ships & Sub-assemblies

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Our ships are all-stock except for MechJeb, and they fly well with or without it. They're designed to be as small and efficient as possible, while still maintaining high performance and flexibility. Oh yea, and um... safety..., or whatever. Please tell us what you think.

We're proud to present the "Kolsys" series of high-efficiency, high-capacity space explorers; "Surfex", a land, sea and air explorer; and the rest of our collection. "Kolsys" is a portmanteau of "Kerbol System", since they're intended to explore the entire system, in one launch. As our designs evolve, we add new successes and remove the obsolete and terrible ones. Check back often for the latest tech.

Kolsys 8 has a record of putting 595 tonnes into 100 km orbit, with over 18k Delta-V to spare.

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