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HyperEdit for Kerbal Space Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HyperEdit?
HyperEdit v1.2.3 screenshot HyperEdit is a plugin for Kerbal Space Program, that allows you to teleport any ship, and edit any orbit - even the planets! Just choose your desired position, and POOF! - you're there. It also does some other stuff.
How do I install HyperEdit?
To install on all systems - Windows, Mac and Linux - just unzip the downloaded file into your KSP game folder, alongside the KSP[...].exe file. Done correctly, it will create the "Kerbaltek" folder inside GameData. There is no part associated with HyperEdit.
How do I use HyperEdit?
While the game is running, either click the large "H" near the top-right of the flight view, or press ALT + h.
When is the next update coming?
Does the current version of HyperEdit work with the new version of KSP?
We name the HyperEdit zip files with "for-KSP-[current version]" to show what it's built to, but it may work with later versions of KSP too, so try it! If KSP has updated and we haven't announced yet, please test the current HyperEdit with the new KSP, and then double-check your install before contacting us. We're standing by to update/fix the plugin as needed, and new versions will be uploaded just as soon as we get them done.
Can I save the positions of planets after changing them with Planet Editor?
Yes! Version 1.3 saves your changes to a file and then reloads them on startup.
What license is HyperEdit released under?
HyperEdit is covered by the GPL, found here: GPL License
Who created and maintains HyperEdit?
HyperEdit was created by khyperia, and is maintained with contributions from khyperia, linuxgurugamer, Payo, sirkut, with the help of the KSP community, and support provided by Kerbaltek.

If your question isn't listed here, please use our Contact page to ask.

Download HyperEdit

We recommend using the newest versions of KSP and HyperEdit, as well as all your plugins and software. As always, if you have any issues at all, please use our Contact page.

Since creation, HyperEdit has been downloaded a total of 775,701 times.

Latest Version

This is the newest, and should work with the latest KSP.


BETA testers welcome! If you're game, feel free to try out these test versions, and report any problems and suggestions. If they work out, we might add their features to the next release. Thanks in advance for all your help!

WARNING! These versions are for TESTING ONLY, and may not work properly, or at all. We can't be held responsible if cosmic climate zombie daemons eated up all your dataz. By using these, you agree that it's not our fault.

To use one of these, just unzip and/or copy the DLL file into the Kerbaltek folder inside GameData (create it if you don't have it), and delete or move the original .dll file.


These older versions are provided for your convenience, but are no longer supported.

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